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Infamous Holiday Punch (*Don’t forget the Ginger Ale!*) (Act 2)

Our Family's Infamous Holiday Punch

The Stephan Family’s Infamous Holiday Punch

A party would not be complete without our family’s Infamous Holiday Punch.  Nor, I have learned, would a Cookie Baking Marathon.

The phrase, “Don’t forget the ginger ale,” originated  a few years ago when post-punch time became the grown up equivalent of nap time.  Delicately put, a few family members starting to ‘nap’ at the party.  Everyone was being responsible.  No one had more than one or two glasses of punch.  Then someone went to make a second batch.  Well, there were almost no ingredients left except for the ginger ale!  Whoever made the punch the first time forgot to add the ginger ale!  I was little at the time, but every time we make punch now, the story is re-told!

From Christmas ornament exchange parties at my aunt and uncle’s house to holiday baking at my parents to a housewarming ‘toga’ party we threw in our first home as a married couple, this punch has made an appearance.  I hope it will grace your family’s next big get-together, too.

 “Infamous” Holiday Punch

2 L Ginger Ale
1 bottle Champagne
750 mL Rhine Wine
1 c. Apricot Brandy
16 oz mixed berries, frozen in an ice ring (optional)*

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl.  Don’t forget the Ginger Ale!  Serve over ice.  

*Optional Ice Ring:  Break out the bundt pan!   Put some water in the the bundt pan, add frozen mixed berries and freeze overnight.  Place bundt pan in a shallow dish of warm water to loosen the ice ring, lift pan out of water, invert, tap out ice ring and place in big punch bowl.

*Optional Ice Cubes:  Put frozen mixed berries in mini muffin tins.  Add water to cover.  Freeze a few hours to overnight.  Place mini muffin tin in a low shallow dish of warm water to loosen ‘ice cubes.’  Place an ice cube or two in each glass before pouring in the punch.

**You can substitute the water in the ice ring or ice cubes with ginger ale**

Our Family's Infamous Holiday Punch

Our Family’s Infamous Holiday Punch


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