My name is Catherine.

My love affair with food began as a young girl.


I would come home from grammar school to the smell of breaded chicken or meatballs being fried in olive oil and tomato sauce simmering on the stove.  I keep trying to find the photo of me in a tartan St. Mary’s  school jumper watching Papa turn his breaded chicken in the hot oil of the frying pan with a fork.  You see, I was a spoiled little thing.  Both my parents worked, so that meant I spent before and after school with my grandparents – and my grandparents could cook.

In high school I turned vegetarian for 3 weeks.  Then Papa was making meatballs and I was done for.  I think I ate 6 in one sitting.  So much for that.  Growing up with four younger brothers,  a big extended family and even more friends meant there was never a shortage of dinners, parties and family gatherings that required cooking and baking.  Appetizer party for 50?  No problem.  Baby shower for 25?  Piece of cake.  Christmas party?  Done.  One night in high school before a Regional Cross Country meet, I had my teammates over and we made homemade pasta and sauce from scratch.  My coach was livid.  He was convinced I was going to give his top runners salmonella or worse!  Luckily, we all survived and ran our hearts out the next day.

During high school and college I worked at the Lange’s Farm stand at the local farmer’s markets on Saturday mornings.  Harold, Janet and their family are the kindest people you will meet.  I started growing my own herbs and vegetables in my first garden, too.  You can read more about that experience HERE.

I am fortunate to have a career that allows me to meet new people and visit new destinations.  As I am exposed to new experiences, I am continually reminded of the simple and powerful role food plays in culture.  A stranger can become a friend over steak with Chimichurri and a glass of red wine.

I firmly believe in the power of good food & humor to save us in both the best of times & worst of times, hence the name “More Wine Less Whine.”


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